Removal of siRNA passenger strand

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The short double-stranded RNA passed from DICER1 to an Argonaute protein is rendered single-stranded by removal and loss of the passenger strand through a mechanism that is not well characterized. All Argonautes (AGO1 (EIF2C1), AGO2 (EIF2C2), AGO3 (EIF2C3), AGO4 (EIF2C4)) can remove the passenger strand without cleaving it. AGO2 (EIF2C2) possesses endonucleolytic activity and cleaves the passenger strand of siRNAs, which facilitates removal of the passenger strand but is not required (Matranga et al. 2005). RNA helicase A associated with the RISC loading complex can also facilitate removal of the passenger strand.
The mechanism that selects which strand is retained as the guide RNA is not well understood in humans. Overhanging nucleotides and strength of base-pairing at each end of the input duplex are observed to influence strand selection.
Argonaute proteins loaded with miRNAs or siRNAs are predominantly located in association with TARBP2 or PRKRA at the cytosolic face of the rough endoplasmic reticulum in cultured cells.
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