Activated overexpressed FGFR1 homodimers [plasma membrane]

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Homo sapiens
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21666749 Inhibitor-Sensitive FGFR1 Amplification in Human Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Dutt, A, Ramos, AH, Hammerman, PS, Mermel, C, Cho, J, Sharifnia, T, Chande, A, Tanaka, KE, Stransky, N, Greulich, H, Gray, NS, Meyerson, M

PLoS One 2011
21160078 Frequent and focal FGFR1 amplification associates with therapeutically tractable FGFR1 dependency in squamous cell lung cancer

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Sci Transl Med 2010
Name Identifier Synonyms
cancer DOID:162 malignant tumor, malignant neoplasm, primary cancer
lung cancer DOID:1324
lung squamous cell carcinoma DOID:3907 squamous cell carcinoma of lung (disorder), Epidermoid cell carcinoma of the lung
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