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JAG1, expressed on a neighboring cell, binds NOTCH2 and activates intracellular NOTCH2 signaling (Shimizu et al. 1999, Shimizu et al. 2000). In contrast to NOTCH1, where fringe-mediated modification reduces the affinity of JAG1 for NOTCH1, it seems that fringe-mediated modification of NOTCH2 extracellular domain enhances activation of NOTCH2 signaling by JAG1 (Hicks et al. 2000).

JAG1-NOTCH2 signaling axis is affected in Alagille syndrome (AGS), a dominant congenital disorder characterized by hepatic bile duct abnormalities, as well as craniofacial, heart and kidney defects (Alagille et al. 1975, Habib et al. 1987). AGS is predominantly caused by mutations in JAG1 (Oda et al. 1997, Li et al. 1997) and less frequently by mutations in NOTCH2 (McDaniell et al. 2006).

JAG1 and NOTCH2 are expressed in kidney glomeruli and JAG1-NOTH2 signaling plays an important role in kidney development, as shown in mice mutant for JAG1 or NOTCH2 or both (McCright et al. 2001, McCright et al. 2002).
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