p53 positively regulates transcription of MIR34 microRNAs

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Transcription of microRNA MIR34A is directly induced by the tumor suppressor p53, which binds to the conserved p53 binding site located in the vicinity of the MIR34A transcription start (Chang et al. 2007, Raver-Shapira et al. 2007). Genomic loss of the chromosomal band 1p36, harboring the MIR34A gene, is a frequent event in pancreatic cancer, and MIR34A is considered to act as a tumor suppressor. Conserved p53 binding sites were also mapped to the promoter of clustered MIR34B and MIR34C genes, and the transcription of MIR34B and MIR34C microRNAs was shown to be positively regulated by p53 (He et al. 2007, Corney et al. 2007). The steps involved in processing of pri-microRNA into pre-microRNA have been omitted in this event - please refer to the diagram of Regulatory RNA Pathways for details.

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