FGFR1b homodimer [plasma membrane]

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Homo sapiens
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Name Identifier Synonyms
bladder carcinoma 4007 carcinoma of urinary bladder, carcinoma bladder, carcinoma OF BLADDER, carcinoma of bladder (disorder), carcinoma bladder
rhabdomyosarcoma 3247 Rhabdomyosarcoma NOS (morphologic abnormality), rhabdomyosarcoma, Rhabdomyosarcoma, no subtype (morphologic abnormality), rhabdomyoblastoma, Rhabdomyosarcoma (disorder)
ovarian cancer 2394 ovarian neoplasm, malignant tumour of ovary, neoplasm of ovary (disorder), ovary neoplasm, primary malignant neoplasm of ovary and other uterine adnexa (disorder), ovarian cancer, tumor of the Ovary, ovary cancer, malignant Ovarian tumor, primary ovarian cancer, malignant tumor of ovary (disorder)
breast cancer 1612 malignant tumor of the breast, mammary cancer, malignant neoplasm of breast, mammary tumor, primary breast cancer, breast cancer, Ca breast - NOS, breast tumor
head and neck squamous cell carcinoma 5520 carcinoma of the head and neck, squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck
lung squamous cell carcinoma 3907 squamous cell carcinoma of lung (disorder), Epidermoid cell carcinoma of the lung
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