Conformational change in gp120 of Env oligomer

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HIV-1 infection of target cells depends on the sequential interaction of the gp120 glycoprotein with the cellular CD4 receptor as well as members of the chemokine receptor family, such as CCR5. Upon interaction with the cellular CD4 receptor, gp120 undergoes a conformation change which allows interaction with these chemokine receptors to occur. Studies indicate that upon binding to CD4, this conformational change results in a repositioning of V1 and V2 loops of gp120, and exposes or forms the "bridging sheet domain" epitopes, which are then available for co-receptor (chemokine receptor) binding along with other domains of gp120. These epitopes are recognized by 17b, a member of a class of antibodies that recognize CD4-induced (CD4i) epitopes (Kwong et al., 1998, Rizzuto et al., 1998, Zhang et al., 1999).
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