LYZ [extracellular region]

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Protein [EntityWithAccessionedSequence]
Gallus gallus
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6SR4, 5KXY, 5LVH, 4LT1, 1LZ8, 2BPU, 2BLX, 1XEI, 4N1C, 5APC, 4Z46, 4WL6, 4OWA, 4DDA, 6A4P, 2ZQ3, 2DQH, 4N5R, 4H9C, 4N9R, 6AHH, 6AGN, 4AXT, 5I4Y, 4PGJ, 1LJG, 5K2N, 1LSZ, 6S7N, 6G8A, 5D5F, 4DD7, 6QY1, 4TUN, 4YM8, 4NGJ, 2LYO, 3A94, 6F1M, 4O34, 2ZNW, 4LT3, 3QY4, 5LVJ, 2DQJ, 4U3X, 6FA0, 3TMU, 5WRA, 4WLD, 4UWN, 1LZA, 1XEK, 5KY1, 4OWC, 5APE, 4DDC, 5OLE, 5LYM, 4H9F, 4R6C, 4OOO, 5K2S, 5JEN, 5OOY, 4LFP, 193L, 5LA5, 4YEN, 5I54, 6LYZ, 6QY4, 1LJH, 6JB5, 3TXB, 4EOF, 5K2Q, 1HEN, 6F1P, 2WAR, 4ET9, 4WG1, 3A96, 4NGL, 3N9A, 3M18, 2LZH, 4LYC, 3B72, 5OB6, 4LGK, 3TMW, 4WLX, 2HS9, 1DQJ, 4H9I, 5LAF, 4XYY, 5LIO, 5LYZ, 1LZC, 5NJM, 5OCV, 2A6U, 1C08, 1XGR, 4ETD, 2D4I, 4OWH, 2XBS, 3TXE, 4LYO, 1W6Z, 6F2I, 4ETB, 1XGP, 1LJI, 6F9Y, 1HEO, 5E9R, 3N9E, 5OB8, 1MLC, 4UWV, 1BWI, 4NGV, 4BAF, 4WM1, 4XJD, 5O4X, 6IRJ, 6QQC, 1B0D, 6MX9, 1LZE, 4GCB, 1LPI, 4XEN, 4QEQ, 8LYZ, 5LAN, 5FCP, 6KCB, 6D6E, 1RI8, 1UA6, 1RCM, 2EPE, 1LJ3, 5NJQ, 1XGU, 1LSB, 1GWD, 2W1X, 2D91, 2A7F, 1UIB, 1LKS, 6GOB, 7LYZ, 2D4K, 6QWW, 3WMK, 3J4G, 2HTX, 1E8L, 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4PRQ, 3A91, 1YL1, 6ABZ, 5V4H, 4WO9, 1UIH, 1IOS, 3WVY, 1LSM, 2YBM, 6B7U, 3AZ6, 1AKI, 3WUN, 6O2H, 4G4C, 6SEW, 2I25, 4NHT, 5HMJ, 5KXR, 6H3B, 4NY5, 1JIY, 4WMG, 3P4Z, 3AGG, 6RT3, 4H92, 5F16, 1SF6, 5C6L, 1HC0, 1DPW, 6RO5, 6FSJ, 4A7D, 2X0A, 2DQC, 3LZT, 1G7J, 5I4X, 3OK0, 5K2K, 6Q8T, 6HY6, 6AD5, 1LSY, 4C3W, 1HEM, 4DD3, 6QY0, 6B7W, 4TTD, 1H87, 4NGI, 6F1L, 5D5C, 3A93, 1IOT, 3SP3, 3WW6, 4I8S, 3W6A, 1SFB, 4NG1, 4TSB, 3P65, 6SEZ, 1NDM, 5HNC, 1JJ0, 2G4Q, 6SIK, 6RTA, 4A8B, 4X3B, 5KXT, 6SR1, 5TK0, 2C8O, 4H94, 6G5C, 6HU5, 3AGI, 5HQ1, 4HV1, 2YDG, 1LYO, 1ZVH, 2DQE, 1H6M, 4ET8, 6LYT, 6AGR, 2ZNX, 5K2P, 5EBH, 6JB2, 1G7L, 4DD9, 1BGI, 6QY2, 4N0J, 4YEM, 5I53, 3ULR, 3A95, 4NGK, 2LYZ, 2BLY, 6S2N, 6F1O, 1QIO, 4LYB, 5AMY, 3B6L, 1BVK, 6TVL, 3P68, 1LYZ, 5LVG, 5KXX, 6SIM, 6G5Y, 6SR3, 4LT0, 1JJ1, 4TWS, 6AEA, 2LYM, 4YOP, 3G3B, 4Z98, 1AZF, 1ZMY, 4PHI, 1JTO, 6A10, 4N8Z, 6A4O, 1IR7, 2DQG, 3WXU, 1JPO, 4H9B, 6HYB, 4Z41, 1DPX, 4YEO, 3TXD, 6QY5, 1G7M, 4WG7, 4LYM, 2LZT, 3KAM, 6F9X, 4ETA, 6F1R, 3N9C, 2PC2, 4UWU, 1XFP, 4BAD, 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