Find yourself in Reactome

  1. The simple text search tool is located at top right of the Home page. To search type your name or ORCID. The search has an auto-complete function; if the text you wanted to use appears in the drop-down list, select it and results will be displayed. For other text click Search.
    search box
  2. Locate yourself in the Result List and Click your name. 
    name in result list
  3.  You'll land in the Contributor's page. You may see up to four categorized tables showing a maximum of 15 rows each.
    are you orcid login
  4. In order to claim your work you may need to Authenticate yourself in ORCID, in a similar way like others websites offer 'Sign in with Google', 'Sign in with Facebook'. Simply click "Are you John Doe ?". A pop-up like to the one below will open. Please input your ORCID credentials, then Click Sign-in.
    orcid login dialog
  5. will ask your permission to add works into your ORCID records. Authorize if you wish to grant access, otherwise we can't have access to 
    orcid authorise reactome
  6. After authorizing, we will automatically proceed with the authorization process and the pop up will be closed and current page will be refreshed. A button "Claim all Work" may appear next to your ORCID number if we are able to match ORCID IDs. Click it to make sure all your contributions are uploaded.
    claim all work
  7. Depending on the number of entries you are uploading it may take a few minutes. You may see a Claiming Summary when the entire process is finished.
    claiming summary
  8. Visit your ORCID page and Navigate to the Works Section. 
  9. All your work now is uploaded.

I have an ORCID ID but it is not in Reactome. What should I do ?

  1. Follow intructions 1 to 5 in the previous section.
  2. You may see a Link "Let us know your ORCID". Please Click.
    let us know link
  3.  After clicking, use the following form to send your ORCID details to our curators. Our help team will validate and add your ORCID into our database and will be available to you on our next data release. Follow us on Twitter for any updates.
    let us know form
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