specific granule membrane

accession 0035579
created [InstanceEdit:6799373] Jupe, Steve, 2015-09-24
databaseName GO
dbId 6799351
definition The lipid bilayer surrounding a specific granule, a granule with a membranous, tubular internal structure, found primarily in mature neutrophil cells. Most are released into the extracellular fluid. Specific granules contain lactoferrin, lysozyme, vitamin B12 binding protein and elastase.
displayName specific granule membrane
modified [InstanceEdit:9750511] Weiser, JD, 2021-08-11
name specific granule membrane
referenceDatabase [ReferenceDatabase:1] GO
schemaClass Compartment
url https://www.ebi.ac.uk/QuickGO/term/GO:0035579
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