outer dynein arm

accession 0036157
created [InstanceEdit:2266147] Weiser, JD
databaseName GO
dbId 2266167
definition Outer arm structure present on the outer doublet microtubules of ciliary and flagellar axonemes. Outer dynein arms contain 2-3 heavy chains, two or more intermediate chains and a cluster of 4-8 light chains. Inner and outer dynein arms have different functions in the generation of microtubule-based motility.
displayName outer dynein arm
modified [InstanceEdit:9750511] Weiser, JD, 2021-08-11
name outer dynein arm
referenceDatabase [ReferenceDatabase:1] GO
schemaClass GO_CellularComponent
url https://www.ebi.ac.uk/QuickGO/term/GO:0036157
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