DLL4 binds Notch4

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DLL4 binds Notch4

Vascular endothelium of embryonic and adult mice strongly expresses Dll4 and Notch4. Dll4 was shown to activate Notch4 signaling in Xenopus embryos by co-injection of mouse Dll4 and Notch4 mRNAs (Shutter et al. 2000). When HMVECd cells (human primary endothelial cell line derived from neonatal dermal microvasculature) expressing recombinant mouse Notch4 are co-cultured with HMVECd cells expressing recombinant human DLL4 or mouse Dll4, NOTCH4 signaling is activated (Shawber et al. 2003, Shawber et al. 2007).

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