Unknown nuclease cleaves pre-piRNA in Asz1:Ddx4:Mov10l1:6xMeR-Piwil2:pre-piRNA:Tdrd1:Tdrd12

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Mus musculus
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Unknown nuclease cleaves pre-piRNA in Asz1:Ddx4:Mov10l1:6xMeR-Piwil2:pre-piRNA:Tdrd1:Tdrd12

After binding Piwil2 (Mili in mouse, HILI in human) the 3' end of the pre-piRNA is trimmed by an unknown nuclease (Aravin et al. 2006, Grivna et al. 2006, Aravin et al. 2008, Vourekas et al. 2012). The final size of the piRNA appears to be determined by the particular PIWI protein with which it is associated (reviewed in Siomi et al. 2011). The existence of a magnesium-dependent trimming activity is inferred from in vitro reactions using proteins of silkworm (Bombyx mori) ovary cells (Kawaoka et al. 2011). Mov10l1, which has a helicase domain, associates with Piwil2 and is required for loading Piwil2 with piRNA (Zheng et al. 2010, Frost et al. 2010). Piwil2, Tdrd1, Mvh, and Asz (Gasz) are located in the intermitochondrial cement, the chromatoid body, and the pi-body, a type of nuage (electron-dense perinuclear material) (Aravin et al. 2009, reviewed in Pillai and Chuma 2012).

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