BRCA2 binds SEM1 (DSS1)

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DSS1 is a critical and positive effector of BRCA2 function (Gudmundsdottir et al. 2004), which binds through the BRCA2 helical domain, OB1 and OB2 folds (Marston et al. 1999, Yang et al. 2002). Defective binding of DSS1 leads to reduced homologous recombination repair (HRR) activity of BRCA2 mutant constructs in mice (K2630A and K2630D) (Siaud et al. 2011). BRCA2 D2723H mutation is cancer-predisposing and leads to cytoplasmic mislocalization of BRCA2 due to wrongly exposed nuclear export signals as a consequence of defective DSS1 binding (Jeyasekhran et al. 2013). DSS1 controls the oligomeric state of BRCA2 and stabilizes the monomeric form of BRCA2 (Le et al. 2020). Defective DSS1 binding leads to intracellular oligomerization and cytosolic mislocalization (Le et al. 2020, Lee et al. 2021, reviewed in Le et al. 2021).
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