Formation of the WRAD complex

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WDR5 and DPY30 interact with the RBBP5:ASH2L heterodimer and together form the WRAD complex, which functions as a core subcomplex of all mammalian KMT2 histone methyltransferase complexes (Cho et al. 2007, Patel et al. 2011, Shinsky et al. 2015, reviewed by Ernst and Vakoc 2012). WDR5 directly interacts with RBBP5 (Odho et al. 2010), while DPY30 directly binds to ASH2L (Cho et al. 2007). RBBP5, ASH2L, and DPY30 may form a subcomplex prior to WDR5 binding (van Nuland et al. 2013). Based on stoichiometric analysis, DPY30 likely exists as a homo-oligomer in the WRAD complex (van Nuland et al. 2013).
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