Defective gamma-carboxylation of F9

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Homo sapiens
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Naturally occurring hemophilia B (HB)-associated point mutations in the FIX propeptide sequence reduce affinity to gamma-glutamyl carboxylase (GGCX) resulting in reduced γ-carboxylation and aberrant propeptide processing (Bentley AK et al. 1986; Rabiet MJ et al. 1987; Diuguid DL et al. 1986; Ware J et al. 1989; de la Salle C et al. 1993). Unprocessed FIX variants such as F9 N43Q/L or F9 N46S, circulate with the attached propeptide and show delayed FIX activation (Bentley AK et al. 1986; Diuguid DL et al. 1986; Ware J et al. 1989; de la Salle C et al. 1993).
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hemophilia B DOID:12259 factor IX deficiency, Congenital factor IX deficiency, deficiency, functional factor IX, Congenital factor IX disorder
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