FOXO3,FOXO4,(FOXO1) bind GADD45A gene promoter

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GADD45A gene is the direct transcriptional target of FOXO transcription factors. Direct binding to the GADD45A gene promoter was demonstrated for FOXO3 (Tran et al. 2002, Furkawa-Hibi et al. 2002) and FOXO4 (Furukawa-Hibi et al. 2002). FOXO1 positively regulates GADD45A gene transcription (Hughes et al. 2011, Sengupta et al. 2011, Ju et al. 2014) and probably can also bind to the GADD45A promoter, but this has not been experimentally demonstrated. FOXO transcription factors may bind to the GADD45A gene promoter cooperatively with the SMAD2/3:SMAD4 complex (Gomis et al. 2006).

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Science 2002
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