SOD2 gene expression is stimulated by FOXO4, FOXO3 and FOXO1

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FOXO3 directly stimulates transcription of the SOD2 gene, encoding mitochondrial manganese-dependent superoxide dismutase (Kops et al. 2002). FOXO4 and ATXN3, which form a complex, also directly stimulate SOD2 gene transcription (Araujo et al. 2011). Acetylation of FOXO4 by EP300 (p300) or CREBBP (CBP) in response to oxidative stress does not affect FOXO4-mediated induction of SOD2 gene transcription (Dansen et al. 2009). FOXO1 positively regulates SOD2 transcription (Hori et al. 2013, Guan et al. 2016), but direct binding of FOXO1 to the SOD2 gene promoter has not been demonstrated.
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