BAG6:GET4:UBL4A binds mislocalized membrane protein:SGTA and ASNA1:ATP

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SGTA is believed to initially bind exposed hydrophobic regions of proteins (client proteins) in the cytosol and then associate with the BAG6 complex (BAG6:GET4:UBL4A) and ASNA1 (Mariappan et al. 2010, Hessa et al. 2011, Leznicki et al. 2012, Wunderly et al. 2014, Shao et al. 2017). If the client protein is not efficiently transferred to ASNA1 then the client protein is transferred to BAG6 (Shao et al. 2017), which has been demonstrated to bind hydrophobic regions of proteins and appears to prevent their aggregation prior to proteasomal degradation (Wang et al. 2011). The efficiency of transfer of a client protein to ASNA1 appears to be determined by the sequence of the hydrophobic domain (Hessa et al. 2011). SGTA is not a stable component of the BAG6 complex (Marriapan et al. 2010) and SGTA and RNF126 compete for the same binding site on BAG6 (Krysztofinska et al. 2016).
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