Tail-anchored protein:SGTA dimer binds BAG6:GET4:UBL4A and ASNA1:ATP

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A SGTA dimer bound to a tail-anchored (TA) protein binds the BAG6 complex (BAG6:GET4:UBL4A) via UBL4A (Winnefeld et al. 2006, Chartron et al. 2012, Xu et al. 2012, Leznicki et al. 2013, Darby et al. 2014, Kuwabara et al. 2015, Mock et al. 2015, Shao et al. 2017, also inferred from rabbit homologs in Mariappan et al. 2010). At some point, ASNA1 (TRC40) also binds the complex (Shao et al. 2017). SGTA interacts with the ubiquitin-like domain (UBL) of BAG6 and the UBL of UBL4A competes with BAG6 for binding to SGTA (Chartron et al. 2012, Xu et al. 2012, Leznicki et al. 2013, Darby et al. 2014, Shao et al. 2017).

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