Melanin-concentrating hormone receptors bind MCH

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Two Melanin-concentrating hormone receptors have been characterized in humans. Many non-human species (rat, mouse, hamster, guinea pig and rabbit) do not have a functional MCHR2 receptor, or encode a nonfunctional MCHR2 pseudogene (Tan et al. 2002). The receptors bind melanin concentrating hormone, a cyclic peptide predominantly expressed in the hypothalamus that functions as a neurotransmitter controlling a range of functions. A major role of MCH is thought to be in the regulation of feeding: injection of MCH into rat brains stimulates feeding; expression of MCH is upregulated in the hypothalamus of obese and fasting mice; and mice lacking MCH are lean and eat less. MCH and alpha melanocyte-stimulating hormone (alpha-MSH) have antagonistic effects on a number of physiological functions. Alpha-MSH darkens pigmentation in fish and reduces feeding in mammals, whereas MCH increases feeding.
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