PEX5L:PEX7:Cargo binds PEX13:PEX14:PEX2:PEX10:PEX12 (Docking and Translocation Module)

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Homo sapiens
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PEX5L bound to PEX7:Cargo interacts with the peroxisomal membrane complex PEX13:PEX14:PEX2:PEX10:PEX12 (the Docking-Translocation Complex) thus bringing PEX7 and its cargo to dock at the peroxisomal membrane (Gould et al. 1996, Fransen et al. 1998, Will et al. 1999, Dodt et al. 2001, Rodrigues et al. 2014, Rodrigues et al. 2015, also inferred from hamster and rat homologues).

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