PEX5S,L:Cargo binds PEX13:PEX14:PEX2:PEX10:PEX12 (Docking and Translocation Module)

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Homo sapiens
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PEX5S or PEX5L bound to cargo proteins containing PTS1 interacts with the Docking and Translocation Module (PEX13:PEX14:PEX2:PEX10:PEX12) (Gould et al. 1996, Fransen et al. 1998, Will et al. 1999, Neufeld et al. 2009, Shiozawa et al. 2009, Freitas et al. 2011, Francisco et al. 2013, Neufeld et al. 2014, Dias et al. 2017).

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