FTSJ1 2'-O-methylates guanosine-34 in tRNA(Phe)

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FTSJ1 methylates the 2'‑hydroxyl group of cytidine‑32 and guanosine‑34 in the anticodon loop of tRNA(Phe), as well as C32 and N34 of other substrate tRNAs (Guy and Phizicky 2015a, Guy et al. 2015b). Based on the functional and sequence homology between human FTSJ1 and yeast Trm7 the reaction is inferred to occur in the cytosol. THADA is required together with FTSJ1 for the methylation reaction at C32, based on its complementation of trm732 mutants in yeast, but the function of THADA has not been directly demonstrated in human cells (Guy and Phizicky 2015a).

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tRNA (guanosine-2'-O-)-methyltransferase activity of FTSJ1 [cytosol]

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