RHOH binds effectors at the plasma membrane

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Homo sapiens
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RHOH plays an important role in development of T lymphocytes and binds to several kinases involved in T lymphocyte activation, including:
ZAP70 (Gu et al. 2006, Chae et al. 2010, Wang et al. 2011)
LCK (Chae et al. 2010, Wang et al. 2011)
CSK (Wang et al. 2010).

Additional RHOH interactors include:
PAK1 (Wang et al. 2010; Tajadura Ortega et al. 2018)
PAK2 (Tajadura Ortega et al. 2018)
PAK4 (Tajadura Ortega et al. 2018)
PAK5 (Wu and Frost 2006; Tajadura Ortega et al. 2018)
PAK6 (Tajadura Ortega et al. 2018)

The following RHOH interactors have only been reported in a high throughput screen by Bagci et al. 2020, and are therefore annotated as candidate RHOH effectors:
CAV1 (Bagci et al. 2020).
DBN1 (Bagci et al. 2020)
DBT (Bagci et al. 2020)
FAM91A1 (Bagci et al. 2020)
JUP (Bagci et al. 2020)
LAMTOR1 (Bagci et al. 2020)
MTR (Bagci et al. 2020)
NIPSNAP2 (Bagci et al. 2020)
NSFL1C (Bagci et al. 2020)
OSBPL11 (Bagci et al. 2020)
RAB7A (Bagci et al. 2020)
RALGAPA1 (Bagci et al. 2020)
ROCK1 (Bagci et al. 2020)
ROCK2 (Bagci et al. 2020)
SLC1A5 (Bagci et al. 2020)
SLC4A7 (Bagci et al. 2020)
STOM (Bagci et al. 2020)
TFRC (Bagci et al. 2020)
TMEM59 (Bagci et al. 2020)
TUBA1B (Bagci et al. 2020)
UACA (Bagci et al. 2020)
VAMP3 (Bagci et al. 2020)
VANGL1 (Bagci et al. 2020)
VCP (Bagci et al. 2020)
WDR11 (Bagci et al. 2020)
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