BRWD1 binds AcK(9,14,18,79)-p(S10,T11)-histone H3

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Homo sapiens
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Human Bromodomain and WD repeat-containing protein 1 (BRWD1) binds to histone H3 acetylated at lysine residues K9, K14, K18 and K79 and phosphorylated at serine residue S10 and threonine residue T11 in various combinations in vitro (Filippakopoulos et al. 2012). In mouse, it was confirmed that BRWD1 interacts with histone H3 acetylated at lysine residues K9 and K14, and phosphorylated at serine residue S10 (Mandal et al. 2015). Please note that the listed amino acid residues in mature histone H3 match nascent histone H3 residues K10, K15, K19, K80, S11 and T12, respectively. Amino acid positions in Reactome annotations of modified residues and Reactome systematic names correspond to positions in the nascent protein UniProt sequence.
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