Recruitment of Active RNA Polymerase I to SL1:phos.UBF-1:rDNA Promoter

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Homo sapiens
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Composed of Acetylated SL1, phosphorylated UBF-1 bound the rDNA promoter as well as the active RNA polymerase holoenzyme, rrn3 and TFIIH the transcription initiation complex is complete. The assembly picture is incomplete, as the point at which TFIIH joins the complex is unknown, though by the time that this complex is formed TFIIH is present (it has been included at this step for completeness). This forms the transcriptionally active enzyme, that is capable of initiating transcription from the rDNA promoter.

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12393749 Multiple interactions between RNA polymerase I, TIF-IA and TAF(I) subunits regulate preinitiation complex assembly at the ribosomal gene promoter.

Zentgraf, H, Grummt, I, Hoffmann-Rohrer, U, Zhao, J, Yuan, X

EMBO Rep 2002
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