Mitochondrial RNase P (mtRNase P) cleaves the 5' ends of pre-tRNAs and ELAC2 (RNase Z) cleaves the 3' ends of pre-tRNAs in the L strand transcript

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RNase P, ELAC2, and additional unknown nucleases cleave L strand transcripts to release the tRNAs and an mRNA contained in the long polycistronic transcripts.
Mitochondrial RNase P, comprising 3 protein subunits and no RNA moiety (Holzmann et al. 2008), endonucleolytically cleaves polycistronic mitochondrial transcripts at the 5' ends of the tRNA sequences (Sanchez et al. 2011, Howard et al. 2012, Vilardo et al. 2012, Li et al. 2015, Reinhard et al. 2015, Vilardo and Rossmanith 2015). A subcomplex of RNase P also functions as a tRNA methyltransferase and the SDR5C1 subunit is an amino acid and fatty acid dehydrogenase. Mutations in the SDR5C1 subunit of RNase P cause HSD10 disease, which is characterized by progressive neurodegeneration and cardiomyopathy (Vilardo and Rossmanith 2015)
ELAC2 cleaves polycistronic mitochondrial transcripts at the 3' ends of the tRNA sequences (Brzezniak et al. 2011, Sanchez et al. 2011). Different isoforms of ELAC2 are present in the nucleus and mitochondria (Rossmanith 2011). Mutations in ELAC2 cause cardiac hypertrophy (Haack et al. 2013).
Unknown nucleases also cleave the L strand transcript at a site 3' to MT-ND6 (reviewed in Van Haute et al. 2015).
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