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A complex composed of FANCM and FAAP24 is constitutively associated with chromatin (Ciccia et al. 2007, Kim et al. 2008). Chromatin localization of the FANCM:FAAP24 complex is facilitated by the octameric MHF complex (Tao et al. 2012) composed of four dimers of two histone-like proteins: APITD1 (MHF1, FAAP16) and STRA13 (MHF2, FAAP10) (Singh et al. 2010). The complex of FANCM, FAAP24, APITD1 and STRA13 may constitute a molecular machine that preferentially binds to replication forks stalled at DNA interstrand crosslinks (ICL-DNA), with FANCM preferentially binding to the branch point, FAAP24 to the single strand DNA (ssDNA) and the MHF complex to the double strand DNA (Yan et al. 2010).

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