TNRC6A binds AGO2:miRNA

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TNRC6A (GW182) is a major component of miRISC and processing bodies (P bodies or GW bodies) where transcripts are degraded (Eystathioy et al. 2003). GW182 posesses several glycine-tryptophan (GW) repeats that enable interactions with Argonaute proteins (Eulalio et al. 2009, Takimoto et al. 2009). Humans express three paralogs (TNRC6A, TNRC6B, and TNRC6C) which can each silence expression of mRNAs to which they are bound (Lazzaretti et al. 2009). In the cytosol TNRC6A binds AGO2:miRNA via three GW-repeat motifs (Landthaler et al. 2008, Takimoto et al. 2009, Nishi et al. 2013).
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