Importin-8 binds AGO2:miRNA

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Homo sapiens
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Importin-8 (IPO8, IMP8, RANBP8) binds AGO2:miRNA complexes in the cytosol and participates in the importation of AGO2:miRNA complexes into the nucleus (Weinmann et al. 2009, Wei et al. 2014). IPO8 is also required for recruitment of AGO2:miRNA complexes to many target mRNAs in the cytosol and their efficient silencing (Weinmann et al. 2009). Moreover, other Argonautes (AGO1, AGO3, AGO4) are also observed in the nucleus (Kim et al. 2008, Weinmann et al. 2009, Ahlenstiel et al. 2012, Gagnon et al. 2014) and may be imported by the same mechanism.
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