CBX4 (Pc2) SUMOylates HNRNPK with SUMO2

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CBX4 (Pc2) SUMOylates HNRNPK at lysine-422 with SUMO2 (Li et al. 2004, Lee et al. 2012, Pelisch et al. 2012, Hendriks et al. 2014, Impens et al. 2014, Tammsalu et al. 2014). (Two molecules of SUMO2 are shown in the reaction in order to represent the oligomeric chains of SUMO2 that are attached to a target protein.) PIAS3 also SUMOylates HNRNPK predominantly with SUMO1 (Lee et al. 2012). HNRNPK is SUMOylated in response to DNA damage and SUMOylation is regulated by HIPK2 and CBX4. SUMOylation of HNRNPK is required for coactivation of TP53 (p53) activated transcription. SUMOylation increases the stability of HNRNPK, the nonSUMOylated form of which is normally ubiquinated by HDM2 (Lee et al. 2012).
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