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The STAT3 gene is transcribed to yield mRNA and the mRNA is translated to yield protein. STAT3 is expressed in embryonic stem cells (Schuringa et al. 2002, Fong et al. 2008). POU5F1 (OCT4), SOX2, and NANOG bind the promoter of the STAT3 gene and enhance transcription (Boyer et al. 2005, Greber et al. 2007, Fong et al. 2008). The binding site of POU5F1 is adjacent to the binding site of SOX2 in the STAT3 promoter (Boyer et al. 2005). Signaling by LIF via STAT3 in murine but not human stem cells is sufficient to prevent differentiation (Schuringa et al. 2002, Humphrey et al. 2004, Daheron et al. 2004).

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