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The LPA-binding EDG receptors all bind to the ligand lysophosphatidic acid (LPA), a phospholipid derivative that acts as a potent signaling molecule.
EDG2 is a human gene encoding a GPCR, LPA1 (as this receptor binds LPA) (An S et al, 1997). Downstream effects such as inhibition of adenylyl cyclase are mediated by binding to Gi proteins (An S et al, 1998).
EDG4 is a human gene which encodes the GPCR known as LPA2 (An S et al, 1998). This protein contributes towards Ca2+ mobilization, a critical cellular response to LPA in cells, through association with Gi and Gq proteins (An S et al, 1998).
EDG7 encodes the GPCR LPA3. This receptor binds LPA and mediates LPA-evoked calcium mobilization. This receptor couples predominantly to Gq/11 alpha proteins (Im DS et al, 2000).
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