Galanin receptors can bind galanin

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Galanin is a 30-amino acid inhibitory neuropeptide encoded by the GAL gene (Schmidt WE et al, 1991; Bersani M et al, 1991). It is involved in a number of physiological processes such as regulation of food intake, metabolism and reproduction and regulation of neurotransmitter and hormone release. These actions are mediated via the galanin receptor which binds galanin. Three receptor subtypes exist; GALR1 (Habert-Ortoli E et al, 1994), GALR2 (Fathi Z et al, 1998; Kolakowski LF et al, 1998) and GALR3 (Smith KE et al, 1998; Kolakowski LF et al, 1998). These receptors are found throughtout the PNS, CNS and the endocrine system.
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