GPCR neuropeptide receptor binds neuropeptides B and W

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The structurally related (70% identity) orphan G-protein-coupled receptors, neuropeptides B/W receptor 1 and 2 (GPR7 and GPR8 respectively) (O'Dowd BF et al, 1995), are wideley expressed in the central nervous system of humans. Natural ligands identified for these receptors are involved in the regulation of feeding. Neuropeptide B is cleaved into two chains; NPB23 (L7) and NPB29 (L7C). Neuropeptide W is also cleaved into two chains; NPW23 (L8) and NPW30 (L8C) (Tanaka H et al, 2003). Both these peptides can bind to either GPR7 or 8 to elicit their effects downstream.
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