Caspase-8 and FLIP(L) processing at DISC

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In the presence of FLIP(L), both caspase-8 and FLIP(L) are recruited and partially processed at the death-inducing signaling complex (DISC). The partially processed proteins stay bound to the DISC.

The long cellular FLIP (FLIP(L) or c-FLIPL) has two death effector domains (DED) and a caspase-like domain that lacks catalytic activity due to absence of a cysteine residue. Processing of FLIP(L) occurs at the DISC and depends on caspase-8 activity (zymogen and mature form). Upon activation FLIP(L) is cleaved to generate N-terminal FLIP(p43) and C-terminal FLIP(p12)(Irmler M et al. 1997; Jong WY et al. 2009). Processed FLIP(L) can enhance the proteolytic activity of procaspase-8 (Chang DW et al. 2002; Jong WY et al. 2009; Pop C et al. 2011). However, the increased FLIP(L) protein levels in cells have been found to limit caspase-8 activity and inhibit apoptotic signaling pathway,

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