FLIP(L) and procaspase-8 form heterodimer in TRAIL signaling

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Pro-caspase-8 and FLIP(L) are recruited to the DISC. Following recruitment to the DISC, FLIP-L forms a heterodimer with caspase-8 through both death effector domain (DED) and caspase-like domain (CLD). In addition, FLIP(L) can also regulate signaling via interaction with the DED of FADD. The regulatory function of FLIP(L) has been found to differ depending on its expression levels. FLIP(L) was shown to inhibit death receptor (DR)-mediated apoptosis only when expressed at high levels, while low cell levels of FLIP(L) enhanced DR signaling to apoptosis (Sharp DA et al. 2005; Siegmund D et al. 2002; Boatright KM et al. 2004; Okano H et al. 2003; Yerbes R et al. 2011). The expression levels of c-FLIP proteins were shown to be regulated by NFkappaB signaling pathway (Micheau O et a. 2001; Kreuz S et al 2001).
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