25(S) THCA-CoA is dehydrogenated to 3alpha,7alpha,12alpha-trihydroxy-5beta-cholest-24-enoyl-CoA (THCA-CoA)

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Homo sapiens
25(S) THCA-CoA + O2 => THCA-CoA + H2O2
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25(S) THCA-CoA and O2 react to form 3alpha,7alpha,12alpha-trihydroxy-5beta-cholest-24-enoyl-CoA (THCA-CoA) and H2O2. This dehydrogenation reaction occurs in the peroxisomal matrix. It is catalyzed by the FAD-containing peroxisomal enzyme branched chain acyl-CoA oxidase (ACOX2). The enzyme transfers electrons to molecular oxygen and hydrogen peroxide is produced as a byproduct.

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acyl-CoA oxidase activity of ACOX2:FAD [peroxisomal matrix]

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