reactome2py package

Data science represents a new and evolving way of doing scientific research with critical elements including reproducibility, open access to data, methods and source code, and highly reusable and modular services on the web. 

Given the popularity of the Python programming language among data scientists, we have created the reactome2py package, which facilitates communication between our tools and web services with Python. The reactome2py package consists of a library of helper functions that wrap calls to the Reactome RESTful API and a utility module that simplifies access to our open-data. 

The Pathway Analysis Service pathway over-representation and expression analysis as well as a species comparison tool. Further details regarding the AnalysisService API calls are available here. The Content Service provides access to our data via an easy API based on the Representational State Transfer (REST) protocol.  Finally, Utility (Utils) provides functions for fetching pathway, drug, and drug-target data, other annotations, mapping information, and overlay data from human networks. Further details regarding the Data model key classes are available here. Explore our tools and web services and learn how to include them in your applications at our Developer's Zone.

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