Reactome provides open-source and open-data. We have continuously supported the major open-data standards, including BioPAX, PSI-MITAB, SBML and SBGN export formats. The Reactome data and source code continue to be publicly accessible under the terms of Creative Commons Licenses. Please refer to our License Agreement.

Graph Database

For more information on the installation of the Reactome Graph Database, please refer to the Get Started section of the Graph Database documentation in the Developer Guide.

Services and GitHub Repository

  • Content Service: Our Content Service provides outside users with direct access to pathway data in Reactome.
  • Analysis Service: The Reactome Pathway Analysis Tools are also available for integration into third party websites.
  • GitHub Repository

Identifier mapping files

Mapping files link the source database identifier to the lowest level pathway diagram or subset of the pathway, all levels of the pathway hierarchy or database identifier to all reactions. Read more about the format.

Physical Entity (PE) Identifier mapping files

Mapping files link the source database identifier to the lowest level pathway diagram or subset of the pathway. Read more about the format.

Other Mappings


  • Pathway Diagrams and Illustrations


The icon mapping files link the source database identifier to elements of the icon library. This folder contains a number of different mapping files to reflect the different source databases. Read more about the format.

The source files of icons are available here


Reactome External Identifiers

Protein-Protein Interactions derived from Reactome pathways

Interactions are inferred between all protein components of a complex. To limit the creation of false-positive inferences, only complexes with four or fewer protein components are considered. More information

Specialized data formats

Functional interactions (FIs) derived from Reactome, and other pathway and interaction databases

For details about FIs, please see Wu G, Feng X, Stein L. To use these FI networks, please try our ReactomeFIViz Cytoscape app.

Note: The number of predicted FIs has dropped about 50% from Version 2019 to Version 2020 most likely because we excluded BioGrid protein-protein interactions collected in iRefIndex. We found an abnormal high odds ratio for mapped worm protein-protein interaction feature from BioGrid, which was much higher than human PPIs (120 vs. 80) and other no-human PPI features.

MySQL dumps of Reactome databases

Curation Software

The Curator tool is meant for use by curators to annotate biological pathways based on the Reactome schema. Please note that this tool will only work with a database using our internal database format; the database available from this web page will not work with them.

Our textbook of biological pathways and processes

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