UniProt:P04591 gag

  • initiator methionine:1
  • chain:2-500
  • chain:2-132
  • chain:133-363
  • peptide:364-377
  • chain:378-432
  • peptide:433-448
  • chain:449-500
checksum B74C3858C20EF82C
  • DOMAIN Late-budding domains (L domains) are short sequence motifs essential for viral particle budding. They recruit proteins of the host ESCRT machinery (Endosomal Sorting Complex Required for Transport) or ESCRT-associated proteins. p6-gag contains two L domains: a PTAP/PSAP motif, which interacts with the UEV domain of TSG101 and a LYPX(n)L motif which interacts with PDCD6IP/AIP1.PTM Gag-Pol polyprotein: Specific enzymatic cleavages by the viral protease yield mature proteins.MISCELLANEOUS HIV-1 lineages are divided in three main groups, M (for Major), O (for Outlier), and N (for New, or Non-M, Non-O). The vast majority of strains found worldwide belong to the group M. Group O seems to be endemic to and largely confined to Cameroon and neighboring countries in West Central Africa, where these viruses represent a small minority of HIV-1 strains. The group N is represented by a limited number of isolates from Cameroonian persons. The group M is further subdivided in 9 clades or subtypes (A to D, F to H, J and K).SIMILARITY Belongs to the primate lentivirus group gag polyprotein family.
created [InstanceEdit:165206] Schmidt, EE, 2005-08-03 04:18:22
databaseName UniProt
dbId 165256
  • recommendedName: Gag polyprotein alternativeName: Pr55Gag component recommendedName: Matrix protein p17 shortName:MA /component component recommendedName: Capsid protein p24 shortName:CA /component component recommendedName: fullName evidence="6"Spacer peptide 1 shortName:SP1 alternativeName: p2 /component component recommendedName: Nucleocapsid protein p7 shortName:NC /component component recommendedName: fullName evidence="6"Spacer peptide 2 shortName:SP2 alternativeName: p1 /component component recommendedName: p6-gag /component
displayName UniProt:P04591 gag
  • gag
identifier P04591
isSequenceChanged false
  • 3D-structure
  • AIDS
  • Capsid protein
  • Host cell membrane
  • Host cytoplasm
  • Host endosome
  • Host membrane
  • Host nucleus
  • Host-virus interaction
  • Lipoprotein
  • Membrane
  • Metal-binding
  • Methylation
  • Myristate
  • Phosphoprotein
  • Reference proteome
  • Repeat
  • Ribosomal frameshifting
  • RNA-binding
  • Viral budding
  • Viral budding via the host ESCRT complexes
  • Viral nucleoprotein
  • Viral release from host cell
  • Virion
  • Zinc
  • Zinc-finger
modified [InstanceEdit:11532522] Shorser, Solomon, 2020-11-23
  • gag
referenceDatabase [ReferenceDatabase:2] UniProt
schemaClass ReferenceGeneProduct
  • GAG_HV1H2
sequenceLength 500
species [Species:164493] Human immunodeficiency virus 1
url http://purl.uniprot.org/uniprot/P04591


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