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Enrico Bertaggia

Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center, Columbia University Medical Centre
Reviewed Pathways (6)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2018-10-17 R-HSA-9614085 FOXO-mediated transcription BibTex
2018-10-17 R-HSA-9614657 FOXO-mediated transcription of cell death genes BibTex
2018-10-17 R-HSA-9617828 FOXO-mediated transcription of cell cycle genes BibTex
2018-10-17 R-HSA-9615017 FOXO-mediated transcription of oxidative stress, metabolic and neuronal genes BibTex
2018-10-17 R-HSA-9614399 Regulation of localization of FOXO transcription factors BibTex
2018-10-17 R-HSA-9617629 Regulation of FOXO transcriptional activity by acetylation BibTex
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