Luca Magnani

Reviewed Pathways (2/2)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2018-02-23 R-HSA-8939211 ESR-mediated signaling BibTex
2018-02-23 R-HSA-9018519 Estrogen-dependent gene expression BibTex
Reviewed Reactions (15/60)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2018-02-23 R-HSA-9009378 Estrogen-responsive CCND1 gene expression BibTex
2018-02-23 R-HSA-9009371 Binding of AP1 transcriptional activator complexes to CCND1 promoter BibTex
2018-02-23 R-HSA-9009065 FOXA1 and GATA3 bind to CCND1 promoter BibTex
2018-02-23 R-HSA-8939201 ESR dimerizes BibTex
2018-02-23 R-HSA-8939203 HSP90-dependent ATP hydrolysis promotes release of ESR:ESTG from chaperone complex BibTex
2018-02-23 R-HSA-8939204 ESTG binds ESR1:chaperone complex BibTex
2018-02-23 R-HSA-8939205 ESTG translocates to the nucleus BibTex
2018-02-23 R-HSA-9709547 ESTG binds ESR2:chaperone complex BibTex
2018-02-23 R-HSA-9038029 27-hydroxysterol binds ESR1, ESR2 BibTex
2018-02-23 R-HSA-9032751 Estrogen-independent phosphorylation of ESR1 S118 by MAPK1 and MAPK3 BibTex
2018-02-23 R-HSA-9018505 Estrogen-responsive EBAG9 gene expression BibTex
2018-02-23 R-HSA-9018503 ESR1:ESTG bind the EBAG9 5' region BibTex
2018-02-23 R-HSA-9008267 ESR1 binds to TGFA gene promoter BibTex
2018-02-23 R-HSA-9011981 EP300 is recruited to MYC and BCL2 genes BibTex
2018-02-23 R-HSA-9011985 KDM1A demethylates H3 on MYC and BCL genes in response to estrogen BibTex
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