George Perry

University of Texas at San Antonio
Reviewed Pathways (2/2)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2015-11-09 R-HSA-977225 Amyloid fiber formation BibTex
2011-04-08 R-HSA-977225 Amyloid fiber formation BibTex
Reviewed Reactions (15/30)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2015-11-09 R-HSA-5660757 Ub-SNCA dissociates from the conjugating enzyme BibTex
2015-11-09 R-HSA-5660753 SIAH1:UBE2L6:Ubiquitin ubiquitinates SNCA BibTex
2015-11-09 R-HSA-5658496 SIAH1:UBE2L6:Ubiquitin binds SNCA BibTex
2015-11-09 R-HSA-6783332 APP(672-713),APP(672-711) translocate from endosome lumen to extracellular region BibTex
2015-11-09 R-HSA-5692495 BACE1 cleaves APP(18-770) to APP(18-671) and APP(672-770) BibTex
2015-11-09 R-HSA-5692941 BACE1:GGA1,2,3 translocates from plasma membrane to endosome BibTex
2015-11-09 R-HSA-5660752 USP9X deubiquitinates Ub-SNCA BibTex
2015-11-09 R-HSA-5661157 USP9X binds Ub-SNCA BibTex
2015-11-09 R-HSA-977224 Serum amyloid P binds DNA and chromatin BibTex
2015-11-09 R-HSA-976723 Serum amyloid P-component forms homopentamers BibTex
2015-11-09 R-HSA-5693086 BACE1(46-501) translocates from Golgi lumen to plasma membrane BibTex
2015-11-09 R-HSA-5693092 Unknown deacetylase deacetylates 7K-BACE1(46-501) BibTex
2015-11-09 R-HSA-5693081 FURIN cleaves 7K-BACE1 to 7K-BACE1(46-501) BibTex
2015-11-09 R-HSA-5693071 BACE1 translocates from ER lumen to Golgi apparatus BibTex
2015-11-09 R-HSA-5692934 BACE1 binds GGA1,2,3 BibTex
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