Stephen Buratowski

Harvard Medical School, Department of Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology
Authored Reactions (9/9)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2003-10-15 R-HSA-77095 Recognition and binding of the mRNA cap by the cap-binding complex BibTex
2003-10-15 R-HSA-77090 Methylation of GMP-cap by RNA Methyltransferase BibTex
2003-10-15 R-HSA-77085 Dissociation of transcript with 5'-GMP from GT BibTex
2003-10-15 R-HSA-77083 Transfer of GMP from the capping enzyme GT site to 5'-end of mRNA BibTex
2003-10-15 R-HSA-77081 Formation of the CE:GMP intermediate complex BibTex
2003-10-15 R-HSA-77078 Hydrolysis of the 5'-end of the nascent transcript by the capping enzyme BibTex
2003-10-15 R-HSA-77077 Capping complex formation BibTex
2003-10-15 R-HSA-77073 SPT5 subunit of Pol II binds the RNA triphosphatase (RTP) BibTex
2003-10-15 R-HSA-77071 Phosphorylation (Ser5) of RNA pol II CTD BibTex
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