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G Gopinathrao

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Authored Pathways (72)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2007-02-03 R-HSA-75109 Triglyceride biosynthesis BibTex
R-HSA-162906 HIV Infection BibTex
R-HSA-162587 HIV Life Cycle BibTex
2008-12-02 R-HSA-382556 ABC-family proteins mediated transport BibTex
2008-12-02 R-HSA-264876 Insulin processing BibTex
2008-12-02 R-HSA-1799339 SRP-dependent cotranslational protein targeting to membrane BibTex
2008-06-12 R-HSA-351200 Interconversion of polyamines BibTex
2008-06-12 R-HSA-351143 Agmatine biosynthesis BibTex
2008-06-12 R-HSA-351202 Metabolism of polyamines BibTex
2008-06-12 R-HSA-350562 Regulation of ornithine decarboxylase (ODC) BibTex
2014-02-26 R-HSA-212165 Epigenetic regulation of gene expression BibTex
2014-02-12 R-HSA-212300 PRC2 methylates histones and DNA BibTex
2008-02-08 R-HSA-211000 Gene Silencing by RNA BibTex
2008-01-12 R-HSA-204174 Regulation of pyruvate dehydrogenase (PDH) complex BibTex
2008-02-08 R-HSA-203927 MicroRNA (miRNA) biogenesis BibTex
2007-07-31 R-HSA-200425 Carnitine metabolism BibTex
R-HSA-556833 Metabolism of lipids BibTex
2007-02-03 R-HSA-8979227 Triglyceride metabolism BibTex
2007-02-03 R-HSA-8978868 Fatty acid metabolism BibTex
2007-08-03 R-HSA-168799 Neurotoxicity of clostridium toxins BibTex
2007-08-03 R-HSA-5250992 Toxicity of botulinum toxin type E (BoNT/E) BibTex
2007-08-03 R-HSA-5250981 Toxicity of botulinum toxin type F (BoNT/F) BibTex
2007-08-03 R-HSA-5250968 Toxicity of botulinum toxin type A (BoNT/A) BibTex
2007-08-03 R-HSA-5250971 Toxicity of botulinum toxin type C (BoNT/C) BibTex
2007-08-03 R-HSA-5250955 Toxicity of botulinum toxin type D (BoNT/D) BibTex
2007-08-03 R-HSA-5250989 Toxicity of botulinum toxin type G (BoNT/G) BibTex
2007-08-03 R-HSA-5250958 Toxicity of botulinum toxin type B (BoNT/B) BibTex
2006-10-31 R-HSA-162592 Integration of provirus BibTex
2006-10-31 R-HSA-177539 Autointegration results in viral DNA circles BibTex
2006-10-31 R-HSA-164843 2-LTR circle formation BibTex
2006-10-31 R-HSA-175567 Integration of viral DNA into host genomic DNA BibTex
2006-10-31 R-HSA-162589 Reverse Transcription of HIV RNA BibTex
2006-10-31 R-HSA-164516 Minus-strand DNA synthesis BibTex
2006-10-31 R-HSA-164525 Plus-strand DNA synthesis BibTex
2006-10-31 R-HSA-162594 Early Phase of HIV Life Cycle BibTex
R-HSA-164378 PKA activation in glucagon signalling BibTex
R-HSA-163754 Insulin effects increased synthesis of Xylulose-5-Phosphate BibTex
R-HSA-163680 AMPK inhibits chREBP transcriptional activation activity BibTex
R-HSA-163767 PP2A-mediated dephosphorylation of key metabolic factors BibTex
R-HSA-163765 ChREBP activates metabolic gene expression BibTex
R-HSA-163358 PKA-mediated phosphorylation of key metabolic factors BibTex
2005-09-10 R-HSA-163685 Integration of energy metabolism BibTex
2020-05-27 R-HSA-162582 Signal Transduction BibTex
R-HSA-163359 Glucagon signaling in metabolic regulation BibTex
R-HSA-156902 Peptide chain elongation BibTex
R-HSA-156842 Eukaryotic Translation Elongation BibTex
2020-05-27 R-HSA-111446 Activation of BIM and translocation to mitochondria BibTex
2020-05-27 R-HSA-139910 Activation of BMF and translocation to mitochondria BibTex
2020-05-27 R-HSA-111447 Activation of BAD and translocation to mitochondria BibTex
2020-05-27 R-HSA-114452 Activation of BH3-only proteins BibTex
2020-05-27 R-HSA-75108 Activation, myristolyation of BID and translocation to mitochondria BibTex
R-HSA-112382 Formation of RNA Pol II elongation complex BibTex
R-HSA-113510 E2F mediated regulation of DNA replication BibTex
2004-02-04 R-HSA-73943 Reversal of alkylation damage by DNA dioxygenases BibTex
R-HSA-113507 E2F-enabled inhibition of pre-replication complex formation BibTex
R-HSA-113418 Formation of the Early Elongation Complex BibTex
2015-08-03 R-HSA-6782135 Dual incision in TC-NER BibTex
2015-08-03 R-HSA-5696397 Gap-filling DNA repair synthesis and ligation in GG-NER BibTex
2015-08-03 R-HSA-5696399 Global Genome Nucleotide Excision Repair (GG-NER) BibTex
2015-08-03 R-HSA-6781823 Formation of TC-NER Pre-Incision Complex BibTex
2015-01-07 R-HSA-73893 DNA Damage Bypass BibTex
2015-01-07 R-HSA-110320 Translesion Synthesis by POLH BibTex
2015-01-07 R-HSA-110312 Translesion synthesis by REV1 BibTex
2015-01-07 R-HSA-110313 Translesion synthesis by Y family DNA polymerases bypasses lesions on DNA template BibTex
R-HSA-75094 Formation of the Editosome BibTex
R-HSA-77042 Formation of editosomes by ADAR proteins BibTex
R-HSA-75102 C6 deamination of adenosine BibTex
R-HSA-77075 RNA Pol II CTD phosphorylation and interaction with CE BibTex
R-HSA-75105 Fatty acyl-CoA biosynthesis BibTex
R-HSA-74182 Ketone body metabolism BibTex
2004-06-01 R-HSA-73894 DNA Repair BibTex
2015-02-22 R-HSA-75876 Synthesis of very long-chain fatty acyl-CoAs BibTex
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