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Suneet Shukla

Reviewed Pathways (11)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2015-09-15 R-HSA-5683329 Defective ABCD4 causes methylmalonic aciduria and homocystinuria, cblj type (MAHCJ) BibTex
2015-04-28 R-HSA-5619084 ABC transporter disorders BibTex
2015-09-15 R-HSA-5682294 Defective ABCA12 causes autosomal recessive congenital ichthyosis type 4B BibTex
2015-09-15 R-HSA-5679090 Defective ABCG8 causes gallbladder disease 4 and sitosterolemia BibTex
2015-09-15 R-HSA-5683678 Defective ABCA3 causes pulmonary surfactant metabolism dysfunction type 3 (SMDP3) BibTex
2015-09-15 R-HSA-5679096 Defective ABCG5 causes sitosterolemia BibTex
2015-09-15 R-HSA-5679001 Defective ABCC2 causes Dubin-Johnson syndrome BibTex
2015-09-15 R-HSA-5690338 Defective ABCC6 causes pseudoxanthoma elasticum (PXE) BibTex
2015-09-15 R-HSA-5682113 Defective ABCA1 causes Tangier disease BibTex
2015-09-15 R-HSA-5684045 Defective ABCD1 causes adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD) BibTex
2015-09-15 R-HSA-5683177 Defective ABCC8 can cause hypoglycemias and hyperglycemias BibTex