David Tukey

NYU School of Medicine, Department of Biochemistry
Reviewed Pathways (13/13)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2009-11-18 R-HSA-438066 Unblocking of NMDA receptors, glutamate binding and activation BibTex
2009-11-18 R-HSA-444257 RSK activation BibTex
2009-11-18 R-HSA-442742 CREB1 phosphorylation through NMDA receptor-mediated activation of RAS signaling BibTex
2009-11-18 R-HSA-442982 Ras activation upon Ca2+ influx through NMDA receptor BibTex
2009-11-18 R-HSA-442720 CREB1 phosphorylation through the activation of Adenylate Cyclase BibTex
2009-11-18 R-HSA-442729 CREB1 phosphorylation through the activation of CaMKII/CaMKK/CaMKIV cascasde BibTex
2009-11-18 R-HSA-438064 Post NMDA receptor activation events BibTex
2009-11-18 R-HSA-442755 Activation of NMDA receptors and postsynaptic events BibTex
2009-11-18 R-HSA-451326 Activation of kainate receptors upon glutamate binding BibTex
2009-11-18 R-HSA-500657 Presynaptic function of Kainate receptors BibTex
2009-11-18 R-HSA-451306 Ionotropic activity of kainate receptors BibTex
2009-11-18 R-HSA-451308 Activation of Ca-permeable Kainate Receptor BibTex
2009-11-18 R-HSA-451307 Activation of Na-permeable kainate receptors BibTex
Reviewed Reactions (15/26)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2009-11-18 R-HSA-442760 Activation of RasGRF BibTex
2009-11-18 R-HSA-111912 CaMK4 phosphorylates CREB1 BibTex
2009-11-18 R-HSA-444792 Calmodulin-bound CaMKII-gamma enters the nucleus BibTex
2009-11-18 R-HSA-9617583 CaMKII autophosphorylates BibTex
2009-11-18 R-HSA-442725 CaMKII binds activated calmodulin BibTex
2009-11-18 R-HSA-442749 CaMKK autophosphorylates in the nucleus BibTex
2009-11-18 R-HSA-9618863 CaMKK binds activated calmodulin in the nucleus BibTex
2009-11-18 R-HSA-442724 Phosphorylation of CREB1 by ribosomal protein S6 kinases (RSKs) BibTex
2009-11-18 R-HSA-442739 PDPK1 phosphorylates RSKs BibTex
2009-11-18 R-HSA-9619843 ERKs phosphorylate RSKs BibTex
2009-11-18 R-HSA-111919 PKA phosphorylates CREB1 BibTex
2009-11-18 R-HSA-442715 Calmodulin-activated adenylate cyclases ADCY1 and ADCY8 generate cAMP BibTex
2009-11-18 R-HSA-432164 Ca2+ influx into the post-synaptic cell BibTex
2009-11-18 R-HSA-432172 Glycine and glutamate ligands bind GRIN1:GRIN2 NMDA receptor BibTex
2009-11-18 R-HSA-438037 Membrane depolarization upon activation of Ca impermeable AMPA receptors BibTex
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