Ege Kavalali

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas
Reviewed Pathways (10/10)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2008-12-02 R-HSA-112310 Neurotransmitter release cycle BibTex
2008-12-02 R-HSA-112313 Neurotransmitter uptake and metabolism In glial cells BibTex
2008-12-02 R-HSA-112314 Neurotransmitter receptors and postsynaptic signal transmission BibTex
2008-12-02 R-HSA-112315 Transmission across Chemical Synapses BibTex
2008-04-24 R-HSA-210500 Glutamate Neurotransmitter Release Cycle BibTex
2008-04-24 R-HSA-210455 Astrocytic Glutamate-Glutamine Uptake And Metabolism BibTex
2008-04-24 R-HSA-264642 Acetylcholine Neurotransmitter Release Cycle BibTex
2008-04-24 R-HSA-181429 Serotonin Neurotransmitter Release Cycle BibTex
2008-04-24 R-HSA-212676 Dopamine Neurotransmitter Release Cycle BibTex
2008-04-24 R-HSA-112308 Presynaptic depolarization and calcium channel opening BibTex
Reviewed Reactions (7/7)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2008-04-24 R-HSA-212614 Glutamine transport from astrocytes BibTex
2008-04-24 R-HSA-210439 glutamate uptake by astrocytes BibTex
2008-04-24 R-HSA-212642 L-Glutamine transport into neurons BibTex
2008-04-24 R-HSA-210430 Release of L-Glutamate at the synapse BibTex
2008-04-24 R-HSA-210420 Ca2+ influx through voltage gated Ca2+ channels BibTex
2008-04-24 R-HSA-210426 Glutamate synaptic vesicle docking and priming BibTex
2008-04-24 R-HSA-210444 L-Glutamate loading of synaptic vesicle BibTex
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