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Jiaxi Wu

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas
Reviewed Reactions (43)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2011-12-08 R-HSA-168166 NFkB complex is transported from cytosol to nucleus BibTex
2013-02-11 R-HSA-1964482 RNA polymerase III transcribes microbial dsDNA to dsRNA BibTex
2010-10-30 R-HSA-933531 Translocation of p-IRF7:p-IRF7 to nucleus BibTex
2013-02-11 R-HSA-1964496 STING binds TRIM32 or TRIM56 BibTex
2013-02-11 R-HSA-3134804 STING ubiquitination by TRIM32 or TRIM56 BibTex
2013-02-11 R-HSA-3249392 NLRP4 and DTX4 associate with p-S172-TBK1 within STING:TBK1:IRF3 BibTex
2013-02-11 R-HSA-3245943 Viral DNA cleavage by TREX1 BibTex
2013-02-11 R-HSA-3244605 TREX1 binds retroviral-derived DNA BibTex
2013-02-11 R-HSA-8948703 NLRP4 and DTX4 associate with p-S172-TBK1 within dsDNA:ZBP1:TBK1 BibTex
2013-02-11 R-HSA-3249386 DTX4 ubiquitinates p-S172-TBK1 within NLRP4:DTX4:dsDNA:ZBP1:TBK1 BibTex
2013-02-11 R-HSA-3134946 DDX41 ubiquitination by TRIM21 BibTex
2013-02-11 R-HSA-8948709 DTX4 ubiquitinates p-S172-TBK1 within NLRP4:DTX4:STING:TBK1:IRF3 BibTex
2013-02-11 R-HSA-3204303 MRE11 binds cytosolic DNA BibTex
2011-12-08 R-HSA-9604480 NFkB complex translocates from the cytosol to the nucleus BibTex
2012-07-18 R-HSA-2395992 p-T,4S-IRF3 is dimerized BibTex
2011-12-08 R-HSA-2032396 Dimerized phospho-IRF3 migrates to the nucleus BibTex
2013-02-11 R-HSA-3134800 STING dimerization BibTex
2013-02-11 R-HSA-9013869 DDX41 binds bacterial c-di-AMP, c-di-GMP BibTex
2012-07-18 R-HSA-2396007 IRF3 is phosphorylated by TBK1 BibTex
2012-07-18 R-HSA-2396002 TBK1 is phosphorylated within STING:TBK1:IRF3 complex BibTex
2012-07-18 R-HSA-1834939 STING recruits TBK1 and IRF3 BibTex
2013-02-11 R-HSA-3244643 STING binds cyclic GMP-AMP BibTex
2013-02-11 R-HSA-3244614 cGAS produces cyclic GMP-AMP BibTex
2013-02-11 R-HSA-3244647 cGAS binds cytosolic DNA BibTex
2013-02-11 R-HSA-3134822 DDX41 binds viral dsDNA BibTex
2012-07-18 R-HSA-1834951 IFI16 binds cytosolic dsDNA BibTex
2012-07-18 R-HSA-2396009 STING binds c-di-GMP BibTex
2013-02-11 R-HSA-3249390 TBK1 is phosphorylated within STING:TBK1:STAT6 complex BibTex
2013-02-11 R-HSA-3249378 STING recruits TBK1 and STAT6 BibTex
2013-02-11 R-HSA-3249370 p-S407,Y641-STAT6 dimer migrates to the nucleus BibTex
2013-02-11 R-HSA-3249372 p-S407,Y641-STAT6 is dimerized BibTex
2013-02-11 R-HSA-3249379 p-S407-STAT6 is phosphorylated at Tyr641 BibTex
2013-02-11 R-HSA-3249371 TBK1 phosphorylates STAT6 at Ser407 BibTex
2013-02-11 R-HSA-3134962 DHX36 binds DNA BibTex
2013-02-11 R-HSA-3134953 DHX36 or DHX9 binds MyD88 BibTex
2013-02-11 R-HSA-3134954 DHX9 binds DNA BibTex
2013-05-22 R-HSA-9604487 p-IRF7:p-IRF7 translocates to the nucleus BibTex
2013-02-11 R-HSA-3134914 Beta-catenin migrates to the nucleus BibTex
2013-02-11 R-HSA-3134904 Phosphorylation of beta-catenin at Ser552 BibTex
2013-02-11 R-HSA-3134901 LRR FLII-interacting protein 1 associates with beta-catenin BibTex
2013-02-11 R-HSA-3134896 LRR FLII-interacting protein 1 binds dsDNA BibTex
2013-02-11 R-HSA-3134883 Beta-catenin enhances association of IRF3 with CBP/p300 BibTex
2013-02-11 R-HSA-3134821 DNA-PK binds microbial dsDNA BibTex